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Dinesh Arun Kumbhare


My research involves projects carried out within the St. Joseph’s Centre for Acute Injury Rehabilitation and collaborative studies with researchers at other laboratories.

The main theme of my research is on the development of measurement methods for musculoskeletal injuries leading to methods of enhancing neuromuscular recovery.

Featured Publications

  • Lord HL, Rosenfeld J, Volovich F, Kumbhare D, Parkinson W.  Determination of malondialdehhyde in human serum by fully automated solid phase analytical derivation. J Chromatography, In Press.
  • Kumbhare D, Parkinson W, Dunlop RB, Richards C, Kerr C, Buckley N.  Comparison of Serum Interleukin-6 and Creatine Kinase Concentrations For Measuring Muscle Injury in Lumbar Decompression Surgery.  The Journal of Orthopedic Research, In Press.
  • Kumbhare D, Parkinson W, Dunlop RB.  Validity of serum creatine kinase for measuring muscle injury in lumbar surgery.  Journal of Spinal Disorders and Techniques, 2008;21(1):49-54.
  • Kumbhare D, Parkinson W, Dunlop B, Denkers M, Ryan E, Shah A, Bobbo R, Adachi J.  Biochemical measurement of muscle injury created by low back surgery. Clinical and Investigative Medicine, 2007;30(1):12-20.
  • Mathoo JMR, Becker L, Kumbhare DA, Adachi JD, Therapeutic Advances in the Treatment of Osteoporosis. Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents, March 2007, 17(3), p277-285.
  • Zaraiskaya T, Kumbhare DA, Noseworthy N,  DiffusionTensor Imaging in Evaluation of Human Skeletal Muscle Injury, J Magn Reson Imaging, 24, 402, 2006
  • Bobba R, Adachi J, Kumbhare DA, Parkinson W.  Tolerability of Different Bisphosphonate Dosing Regimens of Bisphosphonates for Both the Treatment of Osteoporosis and Malignant Bone Disease. Drug Safety, 2006; 29(12): 1133-52.
  • Kumbhare  DA, Balsor B, Parkinson W, Harding P, Papaioannou A, Bedard M, Adachi J.  Measurement of cervical flexor endurance. Disability and Rehabilitation 2005;27(14):801-807.


  • Kumbhare DADecision Making and Outcomes in Sports Rehabilitation, W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia, May 2000, editor.
  • Kumbhare DADecision Making and Outcomes in Sports Rehabilitation, W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia, May 2000, author of three chapters: "Appraisal of Alternative Treatment Methods in Sports", "The Pediatric Athlete" and "Lower back pain"

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