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J Harvey


  • Active Staff, Department of Eye Medicine and Surgery, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Active Staff, Department of Eye Medicine and Surgery, Hamilton Health Sciences.
  • Special Consultant in Ophthalmic Oncology, Ontario Cancer Foundation, Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre.

Featured Publications

  • Anderson, R.L., Harvey, J.T.: Lid Splitting and Posterior Lamella Cryosurgery for Congenital and Acquired Distichiasis.  Arch Ophthal. 99:631‑634, 1981.
  • Harvey, J.T., Anderson, R.L.: The Aponeurotic Approach to Eyelid Retraction.  Ophthalmology.  88(6):513‑524, 1981.
  • Harvey, J.T., Anderson, R.L.: Lid Lag and Lagophthalmos: A Clarification of Terminology. Ophthalmic Surgery 12(5):338‑340, 1981.
  • Harvey, J.T., Anderson, R.L.: The Management of Meibomian Gland Carcinoma.  Ophthalmic Surgery 13(1):56‑61, 1982.
  • Harvey, J.T., Anderson, R.L.: Transcanalicular Removal of Prolapsed Silastic Tubing.  Journal of Ocular Therapy and Surgery 2(6):394‑397, 1983.
  • Carroll, T.F., Harvey, J.T., Anderson, R.L., Myers, M.G.:Petriellidium Alleschiera Boydii Orbital and Brain Abscess Treated with Intravenous Miconazole, American Journal of Ophthal. 97(6):771‑775, 1984.
  • Harvey, J.T.: Voluntary Entropion.  Can.J.Ophthal. 20(1):19‑22, 1985.
  • Harvey, J.T.: Sheep Botfly: Ophthalmomyiasis Externa. Can.J.Ophthal. 21(3):92‑95, 1986.
  • Mono, J., Hollenberg, R.D., Harvey, J.T.: Occult Transorbital Intracranial Penetrating Injuries.  Annals Emergency Medicine 15(5):589‑591, 1986.
  • Harvey, J.T.: Sheep Botfly:Ophthalmomyiasis Externa (Abstract). Ophthalmology Digest 2(3):25‑26, 1987.
  • Harvey, J.T.: Modified "Double‑Z Plasty" in the Closure of Medial Canthal Defects.  Ophthalmic Surgery 18:120‑122, 1987.
  • Harvey, John: Decrease in Globe Volume (Letter to the Editor). Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 79:665, 1987.
  • Harvey, J.: Modified Double‑Z Plasty in the Closure of Medial Canthal Defects.  Ophthalmology Digest 8:25, 1987.
  • Harvey, J., Corin, S: Placement of Silicone Tubes During Dacryocystorhinostomy.  Arch Ophthalmol 106(5):579, 1988.
  • Harvey, J.T., Chong, J.P., Neufeld, V.R., Sackett, D.L., Oates, M.J.: Ranking Clinical Problems and Ocular Diseases in Ophthalmology: An Innovative Approach to Curriculum Design. Can.J.Ophthal. 23(6):255, 1988.
  • Harvey, J.T., Corin, S.: Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis and Ptosis.  Am.J.Ophthal. 106(3):360‑1, 1988.
  • Harvey, J.T., Corin, S.:  V to T Reconstruction of Anterior Lamellar Eyelid Defects.  Ophthalmic Surgery 20(7):497‑499, 1989.
  • Harvey, J.T.: Orbital Decompression for Grave's Disease Leaving the Periosteum Intact.  Ophthalmic Plastic & Recon. Surgery 5(3):199‑206, 1990.
  • Lawrence T, Wilison D, Harvey J:  The Incidence of Secondary Haemorrhage after Traumatic Hyphema.  Ann Ophthalmol 22(7):276‑8, 1990.
  • Harvey JT, Corin S, Nixon D, Veloudios A:  Modified Levator Aponeurosis Recession for Upper Eyelid Retraction in Graves' Disease.  Ophthalmic Surgery 22(6):313-317, 1991.
  • Veloudios A, Harvey JT, Philippon M:  Long Term Placement of Silastic Nasolacrimal Tubes.  Ophthalmic Surgery 22(4):225-227, 1991.
  • Corin S, Veloudios A, Harvey JT: A Modification of the Lateral Tarsal Strip Procedure with Resection of the Orbicularis Muscle for Entropion Repair.  Ophthalmic Surgery 22(10):606-608, 1991.
  • Harvey JT: The Surgical Management of Graves' Disease.  McGill Ophthalmology (Grand Rounds) 3(5):6-7, 1991.
  • Harvey JT, Kratky V: Tests for Contralateral Pseudoretraction in Blepharoptosis.  Ophthalmic Plastic & Recon. Surgery 8(1):22-25, 1992.
  • Kavalec C, Harvey JT: Xanthoma Disseminatum - Photo Essay.  Archives of Ophthalmology. 111(10):1428-9, 1993.
  • Kavalec C, Ragbeer M, Harvey JT:  Conjunctivilization of lid skin following cryotherapy for trichiasis.  Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology  29(3):143-145, 1994.
  • Yeatts RP, Harvey JT, Bartley GB, Nerney JJ: Ocular injury secondary to periorbital use of stainless steel wire and suture.   Arch Ophthalmol 112(2):213-6, 1994.
  • Kathuria SS, Harvey JT: Transcanalicular Removal of Silastic Nasolacrimal Tubes.  Ophthalmic Plastic & Recon Surgery 11(3):221-4, Sep 1995.
  • Marshall DH, Jordan DR, Gilberg SM, Harvey JT, Arthurs BP, Nerad JE.  Periocular necrotizing fasciitis - A review of five cases.  Ophthalmology 104 (11):1857-1862, November 1997.
  • Berkowitz M. Harvey JT.  AConical@ skin grafts in the reconstruction of medial canthal defects.  Candian Journal of Ophthalmology 33(6):320-323, October 1998.
  • Esmaeli B, Ramsay JA, Chorneyko KA, Wright CL, Harvey JT.  Sclerosing sweat-duct carcinoma (malignant syringoma) of the upper eyelid: a patient report with immunohistochemical and ultrastructural analysis.  Ophthal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 14(6):441-5, November 1998.
  • Jordan DR, Allen LH, White J, Harvey J, Pashby R, Esmaeli B.  Intervention within days for some orbital floor fractures: the white-eyed blowout.   Ophthal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 14(6):379-90.  November 1998.
  • Hillson TR, Harvey JT, Hurwitz JJ, Liu E, Oestreicher JH, Pashby RC.  Sensitivity and specificity of the diagnosis of periocular lesions by oculoplastic surgeons.  Can J. Ophthalmol 33(7):337-83, December 1998.
  • Esmaeli-Gutstein B, Nahmias C, Thompson M, Kazdan M, Harvey JT: Positron emission tomography in patients with benign essential blepharospasm. Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 15(1):23-27, January 1999.
  • Esmaeli-Gutstein B, Hewlett BR, Pashby RC, Oestreicher J, Harvey JT.  Distribution of adrenergic receptor subtypes in the retractor muscles of the upper eyelid.  Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 15(2):92-9.  March 1999.
  • Ferri M, Harvey JT: Surgical correction for complete cryptophthalmos: case report and review of the literature.  Can.Journal of Ophthalmology 34 (4):233-236, June 1999
  • Esmaeli-Gutstein B, Hewlett BR, Harvey JT.  Characterization of adrenergic receptors in the accessory lacrimal glands of the upper eyelid.  Ophthal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 15(4):245-51, July 1999.
  • Ferri M, Ross C, Harvey JT: Recurrent orbital angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia (Kimura=s disease).  Can Journal of Ophthalmology 34(5):290-3, August 1999
  • Esmaeli-Gutstein B, Harvey JT, Hewlett BR.  Immunohistochemical Evidence for Estrogen Receptors in MeibomianGlands.  Ophthalmology 107 (1):180-184, January 2000.
  • Bashour M, Harvey JT: Causes of Involutional Ectropion and Entropion - Age-Related Tarsal Changes Are the Key.  Ophthal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 16(2):131-141, March 2000.
  • Gottlieb C, Nijhawan N, Chorneyko K, O’Grady K, Harvey JT: Congenital Orbital and Disseminated Extrarenal Malignant Rhabdoid Tumour.  Ophthal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 21 (1), January 2005.
  • Nijhawan N, Marriott C, Harvey JT: Lymphatic Drainage Patterns of the Human Eyelid: Assessed by Lymphoscintigraphy.  Submitted for publication.
  • Skibell B, Harvey J, Oestreicher J, DeAngelis D, Howarth D, Gibbs A:  Adrenergic Receptors in the Ptotic Human Eyelid: Correlation with phenylephrine testing and Surgical Success in Ptosis Repair.  Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 2007, Vol 23(5):367-371
  • Pang NK, Newsom RW, Oestreicher JH, Chung HT, Harvey JT:  Fasanella-Servat  procedure: indications, efficacy, and complications.  Can J Ophthalmol 2008;43:84-8
  • Koushan K, Skibell B, Harvey JT, Jankowski HK, Deangelis DD, Oestreicher JH: Digital photography as a novel technique of measuring ocular surface dimensions.  Orbit 2008: 27(4):259-65
  • Tam ES, Chen EC, Nijhawan N, Harvey JT, Howarth D, Oestreicher JH:  Solitary fibrous tumour of the orbit: a case series.  Orbit 2008: 27(6):426-31

Lifetime Publications (Not Peer Reviewed)

  • Harvey J.T.: The Watering Eye.  Medicine North America 33(Mar):4661‑4666, 1986.
  • Kavalec C, Harvey JT: Diagnosis and Treatment of Lacrimal Diseases.  Current Opinion in Ophthalmology.  Vol.3, No.5, October 1992.
  • Harvey JT: Case Consultation: Orbital Fat Prolapse (presented by D. Jordan MD).  Can Ophthalmic Case Consultations.  Vol.2, No.3, December 1998.
  • Harvey JT: Case Consultation: Blepharochalasis Syndrome (presented by D. Jordan MD).  Can Ophthalmic Case Consultations.  Vol.3, No.1, April 1999.
  • Harvey JT: Consultant:  The Management of Trichiasis.  American Academy of Ophthalmology Focal Points.  Vol.6, No.4, June 2001.


  • Introduction to Orbital Disease.  Vol.2, Chapter 22.  Duane’s Clinical Ophthalmology. (Ed. W. Tasman, EA Jaeger).  J.B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, 1992.
  • Introduction to Orbital Disease (Revision).  Vol.2, Chapter 22.  Duane’s Clinical Ophthalmology, 2002. 



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