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Sabri Kourosh

Research Interests

As the founder and director of the McMaster Paediatric Eye Research Group (McPERG), Dr. Sabri is passionate in conducting high-quality research that is clinically relevant and applicable to all areas of paediatric eye disease. His research interests include, but are not limited to early childhood vision screening and providing a level playing field so that no child is disadvantaged by circumstance.

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  • $29,917 from MSA for the GLASS study (2015)
  • $115,051 from HAHSO Innovation Grant for the Ham-SEES studies (2015)
  • $109,500 from PSI for the PED-VID study (2013)
  • $149,250 from MOHLTC for the SCREEN-ROP study (2011)
  • $104,938 from McMaster for the SCREEN-ROP study (2011)
  • $317,112 from CIHR-PHSI for the SCREEN-ROP study (2011)

Featured Publications

  • Sabri K, Thornley P, Waltho D, Warren T, Laverty L, Husain S, Farrokhyar F, Higgins D. Assessing accuracy of non-eye care professionals as trainee vision screeners for children. Can J Ophthalmol. 2016; 51(1):25-29.
  • Sabri K. Global challenges in retinopathy of prematurity screening: modern solutions for modern times. Pediatrics. 2016; 137(1):1-2.
  • Gupta V, Sabri K, Whelan K, Viscardi V. Rare case of optic pathway glioma with extensive intra-orbital involvement in a child with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. MEAJO. 2015; 22(1): 117-118.
  • Mikhail M, Verran R, Farrokhyar F, Sabri K. Choice of conjunctival incisions for horizontal rectus muscle strabismus surgery in children and adults – an international survey of APPOS members. J AAPOS. 2013; 17(2):184-187.
  • Gupta V, Whelan K, Schneider L, Farrokhyar F, Shivananda S, Lee S, Sabri K. National variations in ROP screening criteria in Canada: existent guidelines and actual practice patterns. Can J Ophthalmol, 2012; 47(6:473-478.
  • Sabri K, Saurenmann R, Silverman E, Levin A. Cataract and juvenile arthritis. Ophthalmol, 2011; 118(12):2524-2525.
  • Kassiri K, Nathoo N, El-Hakim H, Sabri K. Parainfectious optic neuropathy in a young patient with group A Streptococcus pyogenes orbital cellulitis. Can J Ophthalmol. 2010; 45(4):411-412.
  • Sabri K, Saurenmann RK, Silverman ED, Levin AV. Course, complications, and outcome of juvenile arthritis-related uveitis. J AAPOS. 2008; 12:539-545.
  • Sabri K, Knapp CM, Thompson JR, Gottlob I. The VF-14 and psychological impact of amblyopia and strabismus. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2006; 47(10):4386-4392.

 To review all publications, please visit and connect with Dr. Sabri on ResearchGate



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