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Laurie Doering


Dr. Laurie Doering is a Professor in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine with a PhD in developmental neuroscience. He completed post-doctoral training at McGill University and the Montreal Neurological Institute and currently heads the Neuroscience division in the Medical Sciences Graduate Program. He has extensive training and expertise in stem cell biology, tissue culture, neurotransplantation, molecular imaging and animal models of nervous system dysfunction. He has generated collaborative research papers on aspects of neurological cell therapy with scientists in McMaster University, Canada, the United States and Europe. He is the current Editor of Protocols for Neural Cell Culture.

Dr. Doering directs a basic research program that studies the cell biology of neural stem cells where they isolate stem cells from the mouse and rat brain and expand the cells in culture. The growth and differentiation of the stem cells are characterized before transplantation into animal models of Parkinson's and the Fragile-X syndrome. The stem cells are used as a means of potential cell therapy to replace missing proteins and restore function in specific pathways of the animal models. An additional line of work examines the role of a protein phosphatase in neural stem cell formation and neuronal growth.


tissue culture, transplantation of stem cells into the CNS, immunocytochemistry, fluorescence, confocal miscroscopy and imaging.

Featured Publications

  • Pacey LKK and Doering LC (2012). Expression of FMRP by neurosphere derived cells following transplantation in the Fragile X mouse model. J Stem Cell Res Ther S12:001. doi:10.4172/2157-7633.S12-001
  • Wang H and Doering LC (2012) Induced pluripotent stem cells to model and treat neurogenetic disorders (Review). Neural Plasticity 2012:346053.
  • Cheng C, Sourial M and Doering LC (2012) Astrocytes and developmental plasticity in Fragile X (Review). Neural Plasticity 2012:197491.
  • Jacobs S, Cheng C, Doering LC (2012) Probing astrocyte function in fragile X syndrome. Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation 54:15-31.
  • Gleave JA, Farncombe TH, Saab C and Doering LC (2011) Correlative SPECT imaging with altropane in the rat model of Parkinson’s. Nuclear Medicine and Biology 38:741-749.
  • Gleave JA, Valliant JF and Doering LC (2011) 99mTc-based imaging of transplanted neural stem cells and progenitor cells. J Nuclear Medicine 39:114-120.
  • Jacobs S and Doering LC (2010). Astrocytes prevent abnormal neuronal development in the Fragile X mouse. J Neuroscience 30:4508-4514.
  • Jacobs S, Nathwani M and Doering LC (2010). Fragile X astrocytes induce developmental delays in dendrite maturation and synaptic protein expression. BMC Neuroscience 11:132+ Image Highlight (Highly accessed).
  • Schaffer P, Gleave JA, Lemon JA, Reid LC, Pacey LKK, Farncombe TH, Boreham DR, Zubieta J, Babich JW, Doering LC and Valliant JF (2008).  Iso-structural fluorescent and radioactive probes for monitoring neural stem and progenitor cell transplants.  Nuclear Medicine and Biology 35:159-169.
  • Pacey, LKK and Doering LC (2007). Developmental expression of FMRP in the astrocyte lineage: Implications for Fragile X Syndrome. Glia 55:1601-1609.

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