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Dr. Jennifer Ham

Jennifer Ham









Dr. Kelvin Zhou

Kelvin Zhou



Dr. Phillip Staibano

Hometown: Stoney Creek, ON

Undergraduate: BSc (Honours) in Biology and Psychology, McMaster University

Medical School: 
University of Ottawa

Why did I choose Otolaryngology? ENT is a unique speciality in that harmoniously combines the medical and surgical components of integrated patient care. Surgical procedures in ENT are also wonderfully complex, requiring the operator to be technically proficient while always accounting for the optimization of patient aesthetics and quality of life.

Why McMaster Otolaryngology? Amazing faculty and resident mentors. The diverse patient caseload and opportunities for hands-on training. The limitless potential for research opportunities and academic growth.

Professional Interests: 
Currently, my interest is in head and neck oncology, but I’m keeping an open mind because I have so much more experience in this seemingly limitless field.   

Other Interests: Guitar, music, cooking, nature, reading, running

Dr. Raphael Hanna

Toronto, ON

McMaster University

Medical School: 
University of Calgary

Why did I choose Otolaryngology?
I really loved the diverse demographic of patients that you meet in ENT and found the mix of medicine and surgery that is unique to the specialty very engaging. I also enjoy working with my hands and was drawn in by the complexity of head and neck anatomy and the wide array of procedures that are in the wheelhouse of the specialty.

Why McMaster Otolaryngology? 
McMaster has a very supportive program with friendly residents and staff who are eager to teach. The early surgical exposure and diverse learning opportunities make it an ideal place to train. Hamilton is also an incredible city that is close to home!

Professional Interests: Too soon to say, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve been exposed to so far!

Other Interests: Guitar, Swimming, Powerlifting, Hiking


Dr. ​Michael Xie

Michael Xie

Hometown: Richmond Hill, ON

Bachelor of Health Sciences, McMaster University

Medical School: 
Mc​Master University

Why did I choose Otolaryngology? 
I really enjoy the challenge of balancing form and function in a variety of ENT operations. There’s a great mix of surgery and medicine with a breadth of different subspecialties. As a rapidly advancing surgical field, you can easily find an abundance of fantastic research and technological innovation. Otolaryngologists are all funny and easygoing people that make patients laugh during their care!

Why McMaster Otolaryngology? Incredible mentors and support from staff, excellent surgical training, fun family of residents, and freedom to pursue your interests. Couldn’t be happier to be at McMaster…again!

ENT Interests: 
Everything so far... what's not to like?

Other Interests: 
Spending time with family and friends, traveling, photography, fitness, skiing,
exploring and enjoying food!

Jakob Pugi

Jakob Pugi

Hometown: Mississauga, ON

Queen's University

Medical School: 
Mc​Master University

Why did I choose Otolaryngology? 
Great variety and depth of topics within the specialty, as well as a fantastic mix of small and large procedures.

Why McMaster Otolaryngology? I love working with the people in our program and I love the city! We have tons of opportunities to be involved in the program right away.

ENT Interests: Pediatric Otolaryngology, but everything is very exciting so far!

Other Interests: 
Ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, camping/canoeing, guitar, travelling 

Dr. Ana-Maria Misariu



 Dr. Sepideh Mohajeri


Hometown: Richmond Hill, ON

Kinesiology and Health Science, York University

Medical School: 
University of Ottawa

Why did I choose Otolaryngology? I love the variety of practice that is offered by this specialty. There is a mix of medicine and surgery with time being shared between the ward, clinic and the OR, and there are procedures of differing lengths, some of which are acute in nature and some of which require more long-term and ongoing care for patients. As well, we learn about ways to not only increase a patient’s longevity, but also their quality of life, which has been incredibly rewarding.

Why McMaster Otolaryngology? Supportive clinical and learning environment with a great group of residents and staff!

ENT Interests: 
Still too early to tell!

Other Interests: 
Running, hot yoga, volleyball, skiing, reading, and travelling



Dr. Matthew Newman


Hometown: Burlington, ON

B.H.Sc., McMaster University

Medical School: 
McMaster University 

Why did I choose Otolaryngology?
This specialty is ideal for someone who loves anatomy dissection, working with their hands, appreciates the considerable spectrum of medicine and organ systems within a surgical specialty. Fascinating high tech tools. Unique and extensive scope of practise options.

Why McMaster Otolaryngology? 
-Outstanding mentorship. 
-Abundant opportunity, even as junior resident, to attain skills. 
-An atmosphere where hard-working residents thrive.

Other Interests: Sailing, skiing, hockey, fitness, guitar, our family dog. 



Dr. Gordon Hua

Hometown: Picture1Montreal, QC

Undergraduate: Pre-Medicine, McGill University

Medical School: McGill University

Why did I choose Otolaryngology? The variety of procedures, the complex & intricate anatomy, the interplay of medicine and surgery, and integration of cutting-edge technology into our daily practice.

Why McMaster Otolaryngology? Early and high-volume surgical exposure (with no fellows), approachable and welcoming group of residents and staff, strong teaching & research curriculum, and Hamilton has all the perks of a smaller city while being close to Toronto.

ENT Interests: Still too early to tell. I am enjoying all of Otolaryngology!

Other Interests: Hawaii, sashimi & Kobe beef, board games, and receiving massages.

Dr. Joanne Kim

Joanne Kim

Hometown: ​
Mississauga, ON

Undergraduate: McMaster University

Medical School: McMaster University

Why did I choose Otolaryngology? It’s very hands-on with a nice combination of surgery and medicine. There’s a very broad patient population and the field has so much depth as it deals with all aspects of the head and neck.

Why McMaster Otolaryngology? I enjoy the family environment of the program, with very approachable staff and residents and early surgical exposure. As a Mac lifer, I love Hamilton!

ENT Interests: Still exploring many of the subspecialties!

Other Interests: Hawaii, oysters, photography, RMT benefits

Dr. Chandni Jain

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