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Contact Information

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre
699 Concession Street 
Hamilton, On
L8V 5C2


The clinic for new patients is held every Friday morning between 9 a.m. and 12 noon.

The clinic for follow up of patients is held every Friday afternoon.

Cancer Clinics

The Juravinski Cancer Clinic, (formerly the Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre) is adjacent to the Juravinski Hospital, and serves as the cancer referral centre for Hamilton and the surrounding region, a total population of about two million people. Approximately 400 - 450 new patients are reviewed annually. Very few of these have thyroid cancers; as such patients are followed through surgeons' offices/clinics.

Each Friday morning, eight to ten newly referred head and neck cancer patients are seen by the team. This team consists of a head and neck surgeon, a radiation therapy oncologist, a resident and/or fellow in radiation therapy, a resident in Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery doing an on-service rotation at SJHH, and three nurses. Each patient is seen by the designated members of the team, and the relevant imaging studies and pathology reports are reviewed. A team conference is held after all patients have been assessed, and through discussion a treatment recommendation is developed. The discussion usually involves decision-making parameters such as disease site and stage, pathology factors such as indicators of biologically aggressive disease, patient factors such as age, co-morbid conditions, previous treatment site(s) and modalities for head and neck cancer(s), social functioning and supports, addictions, reliability, consent and recommendations from the literature.

The Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery resident is involved according to his/her level of training in evaluating patients and participating in the conference. This participation may include presenting the history, findings, imaging and pathology results, a summary of the site and stage of disease, and proposing a treatment outline. Once a consensus is reached, the treatment recommendation is then presented to the patient. Radiation therapy and chemo-radiation therapy take place at the JCC, whereas surgery is done at SJHH.

Friday afternoon clinics involve follow-up patients scheduled for review by their radiation therapist or surgeon. The Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery resident sees patients independently and reviews them with the staff surgeon.

Such exposure gives the residents a good understanding of the spectrum of disease presentation and treatment outcome.


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