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McMaster Hospital
3V1 Clinic 3rd Floor 
1200 Main St. West
Hamilton, On
Phone: 905-521-2100 x77065
Fax: 905-521-8552

Voice and Swallowing Clinics

Voice clinic

The Voice Clinic at Hamilton Health Sciences provides state-of-the-art voice care, offering services such as stroboscopy, digital voice analysis and therapeutic treatment with the possibility of specialized attention to the singing and/or performing voice.  Weekly LVES (laryngovideoendostroboscopy) clinics are conducted jointly between Otolaryngologist and Speech-Language Pathologist to provide a complete diagnostic voice evaluation including stroboscopic (rigid videostroboscopy) and acoustic (Computerized Speech Laboratory 4500) assessments. In addition to serving pediatric and adult patients referred directly to the Voice Clinic, consultative assessments are provided upon request to the voice patients of Speech-Language Pathologists and Physicians in the region.

Adult Outpatient Swallowing Clinic

At the Adult outpatient swallowing clinic, a Speech-language pathologist provides both clinical and instrumental evaluations and management of oropharygneal swallowing disorders, whether they arise from medical causes such as stroke or trauma, or from other causes such as tracheostomy or post-extubation. Clinical swallowing evaluation includes a review of a patient’s comprehensive medical history, an examination of the oral peripheral mechanism, and food and liquid trials in varying amounts and with various feeding techniques. If needed, instrumental evaluation such as videofluoroscopy may be employed to further assess the swallowing mechanism. Referral sources include namely Neurology, Otolaryngology and Gastroenterology and are open to all referring Physicians within the LHIN.

Education and research

A Speech-language pathologists has received a minimum of a Master's level training is commonly involved in lecturing for S-LP and Otolaryngology programs. Staff and student teaching are important aspects of the clinical role. Our commitment to quality improvement and education are demonstrated in various research-related endeavors and in continuous staff training.


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