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Assessing Ibuprofen versus Morphine for Inguinal Surgery

Principle Investigator: Dr. Luis Braga

Funded By: McMaster Surgical Associates Grant

Current Enrollment Number: 43

Study Status: Ongoing

Study Summary

The primary objective of the ​AIMS randomized controlled trial is to determine the efficacy of ibuprofen in reducing postoperative pain in children recovering from inguinal surgery when compared to morphine.

This study aims to recruit 1​00 patients between the ages of 10 months -​ 5 years months who are diagnosed with unilateral inguinal hernia or hydrocele, or undescended testes requiring inguinal ​surgery. The AIMS study is being carried out at McMaster Children's Hospital.


Contact Us

For more information on the ​AIMS study, please contact the AIMS Research Coordinator:

Melissa McGrath, BASc. (Hons)
phone:905-521-2100 x. 73654

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