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Teaching handouts

Plastic Surgery Off Service Orientation Documents

If you have successfully secured a rotation with Plastic Surgery, we encourage you to please read over these helpful documents to ensure success during your rotation with us.

These handouts were designed to facilitate senior resident teaching to medical students and junior residents. They were reviewed and approved by Dr. Strumas and Dr. Thoma. Focused history and physical exam for various clinical cases are presented, for the purpose of bringing attention to key points when doing these consults. They are also meant as memory aids when faced with these clinical situations while rotating on service. They are not meant to be comprehensive or exhaustive, or to replace textbooks and handbooks on plastic surgery. This webpage is devoted to the easy access of these handouts by plastic surgery learners.

Copyright: These handouts may be downloaded and used for personal educational purposes. They may also be distributed and used for teaching, but appropriate authorship credit is requested.

Recommended resources


  • Essentials of Plastic Surgery, a UT Southwestern Medical Centre Handbook; Jeffrey E. Janis, QMP 2007
  • Michigan Manual of Plastic Surgery; David L. Brown and Gregory R. Borschel, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2004
  • Plastic Surgery Emergencies: Principles and Techniques; Jamal M. Bullocks, Patrick W. Hsu, Shayan A. Izaddoost, Larry H. Hollier; Samual Stal. Thieme. 2008

Textbooks (general texts)

  • Plastic Surgery (8 volumes); Stephen J. Mathes, Saunders 2005 (good for senior residents or if seeking more detailed information)
  • Grabb & Smith's Plastic Surgery; Charles H. Thorne, LWW 2007 (good for medical students and junior residents looking for an overview)

There are multiple other texts that focus on specific areas of plastic surgery (i.e. hand surgery, free flaps, etc.) - ask the residents you are rotating with if you are interested.

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