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The research branch of the Division of Vascular Surgery has a strong commitment and documented history of helping to provide the community with quality healthcare. The Division’s ongoing research explores and evaluates surgical techniques and treatment options, pursuing projects that improve our understanding of vascular disease and healthcare delivery.

We welcome you to explore the ongoing research projects within the Division of Vascular Surgery


  1. A comparison between two stent grafts, Anaconda and Zenith bifurcated stents and the degree of inflammation caused looking at postoperative white blood cell counts and body temperature. This project involves secondarily observing the effects that the associated inflammation will have on renal function.
  2. Looking at the effectiveness of conservative treatment (medication) in uncomplicated type B aortic dissections. Observing the occurrence of aneurysms and their outcome in conservatively treated patients and finding a demographic that indicates endovascular surgical intervention over conservative treatment to prevent the occurrence of aneurysms before they happen.
  3. In collaboration with the dept. of neurology, the Division of Vascular Surgery is looking at symptomatic carotid stenoses and the wait times associated between symptoms, diagnostic imaging and surgery (endarterectomy), as time is a significant factor in determining the possibility of recurring symptoms (i.e. TIA or stroke). This project also documents the outcomes of patients that were and were not treated surgically for a 3 month follow-up.
  4. A case study involving a novel approach in the treatment of a patient with a type B aortic dissection treated endovascularly along with a left subclavian-carotid transposition.
  5. Strategies to reduce renal dysfunction in endovascular patients preoperatively, during the procedure, and postoperatively.

In addition to examining the effectiveness of various treatments and procedures, the Division's innovative research projects include looking at what motivates residents within the OR, observing the influences and expectations of both the attendants and the residents when in the OR.

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