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Clerkship - Breast

  1. Develop a differential diagnosis for a 20-year-old patient with breast mass and a 45- year-old patient with breast mass. Consider benign vs. malignant, abscess.
  2. Describe the diagnostic work-up and sequence:' Discuss importance of the patient's history: estimated duration of illness, nipple discharge, breast cancer risk factor assessment. Discuss physical findings to look for.
  3. Discuss the importance of such breast imaging studies as ultrasound and mammography.
  4. Discuss the diagnosis and management of the patient with an abnormal mammogram (consider microcalcifications).
  5. Discuss the rationale for management with specific emphasis on:
    • Staging of breast CA
    • The role of incision and drainage and antibiotics in breast abscess treatment
    • Current recommendations for screening mammography

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