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Clerkship - Neck Masses

  1. Discuss the embryologic origin of these lesions and the anatomic implications to consider when resecting them.
  2. Describe the signs, symptoms & etiologies of inflammatory neck masses.
  3. Discuss Ludwig's angina and why it may be life-threatening.
  4. What is appropriate treatment for cervical adenitis?
  5. Describe the most common neoplastic neck masses and their origin.
  6. Discuss the role of fine-needle cytology, open biopsy, CT scan, MRI, thyroid scan, and nasopharyngeal endoscopy in the diagnostic work up of a neck mass.
  7. Discuss the evaluation and differential diagnosis of a patient with a thyroid nodule.
  8. Discuss the common thyroid malignancies, their cell of origin and their management. Which has the best prognosis? The worst?
  9. Which is associated with MEN syndrome?
  10. Discuss the relationship of radiation exposure to thyroid malignancy.
  11. Which malignancies frequently metastasize to the neck?
  12. Discuss the common non-neoplastic thyroid diseases that could present as a mass.
  13. Discuss the symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism and discuss treatment options.
  14. Discuss diagnosis and management of thyroiditis.

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