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Chapter 4: Committees and Resident Evaluation


Updated February 2022​

*This information is not exhaustive. For more information please reach out to the SF Senior Education Associate Naomi Downer at

The SFCC meets at minimum four times per academic year to review Surgical Foundations residents. The SFCC aims to provide each resident with individualized feedback on their progress in Surgical Foundations. Each member of the SFCC (listed below), is given 3-5 residents to review per meeting.

The SFCC is comprised of:

  • The SF Program Director
  • The SF Associate Program Director
  • Program directors of subspecialties participating in Surgical Foundations
  • The SF Senior Education Associate
  • At least one external member

20120- 2021 Surgical Foundations Competence Committee (SFCC):



Dr. Brad Petrisor

 Associate Chair, Education, Department of Surgery. Orthopaedic Surgery, HGH.

Dr. Darren de SA 

SF Program Director. Orthopaedic Surgery, MUMC

Primary Reviewer | Secondary Reviewer (Expedited)

Dr. Laura Nguyen

CHAIR. SF Associate Program Director. Urology, HGH

Primary Reviewer

Dr. Ranil Sonnadara 

External Member. Director OES

Dr. Nalin Amin

GenSurg. CMAS, SJH

Primary Reviewer ​

Dr. Ilun Yang

GenSurg Assoc. GenSurg PD. Undergrad MEP, CBD Lead

Primary Reviewer ​

Dr. Karina Roth-Albin

GenSurg. Cambridge Memorial Hospital

Primary Reviewer ​

Dr. Kesh Reddy

Neurosurgery, MUMC

Primary Reviewer​

Dr. Valerie Mueller 

PD Obstetrics & Gynecology, MUMC

Primary Reviewer​

Dr. Jamal Al-Asiri

Orthopaedic Surgery, HGH

Primary Reviewer ​

Dr. Stephanie Bouvier


OTOHNS, St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

Primary Reviewer

Dr. Kayvan Nateghi


Primary Reviewer

Dr. Piotr Zareba

Urology, CBD Lead. St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

Primary Reviewer

Dr. Theodore (Ted) Rapanos

Vascular Surgery, HGH.

Primary Reviewer

Dr. Vik Iyer

Vascular Surgery, HGH.

Primary Reviewer



Using an electronic reviewer report, all SFCC Primary Reviewers complete reviewers for their assigned residents. Following submission, Dr. Laura Nguyen completes a Secondary Review in advance of an upcoming SFCC meeting. Additional discussions take place as required to come to a committee agreement on both the progression and promotional status of each individual resident.

All committee members take into account variables including including but not limited to:

  • Boot Camp performance
  • Attendance
  • Quiz Grades
  • EPA and Milestone Progression (Transition to Discipline and Foundations of Discipline)
  • ATLS and ACLS Certification
  • Performance at Technical Skills and Anatomy Lab sessions
  • Level of participation, contribution overall attitude, professionalism, and interaction


Each resident is divided in to one of the following categories:

  1. Promote
  • Progressing as Expected
  • Progressing at an Accelerated Rate
  • From Transition to Discipline to Foundations of Discipline
  • Foundations of Discipline to Core of Discipline (SF completed)
  1. Do not Promote
  • Failure to Progress*
  • Not Progressing as Expected*
  • Progressing as expected

The results of each resident as found by the SFCC are then reviewed by the Surgical Foundations Resident Program Committee (SFRPC).

*Any resident listed as 'Failure to Progress' or 'Not Progressing as Expected' is referred to a Remediation Plan. The Remediation Plans are guided by the Post Graduate Medical Education policy. 


The SFRPC is comprised of:

  • The SF Program Director
  • The SF Associate Program Director
  • Faculty members from each subspecialty participating in surgical foundations
  • The SF Senior Education Associate
  • The Resident Representative Group (RRG) President, Vice-President, and PGY-1 Representative

2021-2022 SFRPC: ​


Program Director / Member

SFPD / Chair

Dr. Darren de SA

Assoc. SFPD

Dr. Laura Nguyen


Dr. Brad Petrisor

Gen Surg

Dr. Mike Marcaccio / Dr. Ilun Yang


Dr. Blake Yarascavitch


Dr. Michelle Morais


Dr. Vickas Khanna


Dr. Han Zhang


Dr. Matt McRae


Dr. Shahid Lambe


Dr. John Harlock


Naomi Downer


Olivia Monton

Jane Newman




The SFRPC reviews commentary provided by the SFCC for each resident. The SFRPC may recommend changes to the outcome of a residents individual evaluation (i.e. promotion eligibility). Any suggestions agreed upon by the SFRPC are communicated with the SFCC for consideration.

In addition to resident-specific review, the SFRPC discusses overall themes and ways in which to improve resident progression. These themes vary, and include discussions on curriculum, communication, understanding, and resident experience (among others). 

Once the resident review and outcome is agreed upon, residents receive a letter outlining their individual progress in surgical foundations. Each letter provides detailed information on the following:

  • Date of the SFCC meeting
    • Those in attendance
    • The member assigned to review the resident
  • Date of the SFRPC meeting
    • Those in attendance (all review)
  • EPA Progress 
    • Transition to Discipline EPAs  (marked as competent or not achieved)
    • Foundations of Discipline EPAs (marked as competent ​or not achieved)
  • Individual resident strengths and weaknesses (personalized)
  • Themes found throughout the review (all residents)
  • Promotional Status 
    • Promote
      • From Transition to Discipline to Foundations of Discipline
      • Foundations of Discipline to Core of Discipline (SF completed)
    • Do not Promote
      • Progressing as Expected
      • Not Progressing as Expected
      • Failure to Progress
    Date of next review


Residents are encouraged to review the letter thoroughly and communicate with the SF PD, EA, and their home-discipline PD and PC should they have any comments about the letter and its contents / information. 

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