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Chapter 6: SF Committee

6. SF Committee & Division Representatives

SF Committee

The SF Committee is comprised of the SF Director; the SF Coordinator; Program Directors from the following divisions: Cardiac Surgery, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Urology, Vascular Surgery and Ob/Gyn; the President & Vice President of the Resident Representatives Group, the PGY1 Representative of the Residents Representative Group.

The SF Committee meets regularly - a minimum of 4-6 times per academic year, roughly bi-monthly. All members of the Resident Representatives Group are welcome to attend SF Committee meetings.

SF Committee Terms of Reference

SF Committee & RRG 2017/2018

SF Committee & RRG 2016/2017

SF Committee & RRG 2015/2016  

SF Committee & RRG 2014/2015

Resident Representatives Group (RRG)

The Resident Representatives Group (RRG) is made up of a representative for each division (PGY2s): Cardiac Surgery, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Urology, Vascular Surgery and Ob/Gyn; PGY1 Representative, and SF Coordinator.

The Resident Representatives are appointed/elected by their peers in April/May each year to serve for the next academic year. They are Surgical Foundations residents who have identified an interest in helping to organize academic events and move issues forward.

They are responsible to the residents of Surgical Foundations for ensuring that the planned activities occur at the highest standard possible. Residents of the RRG are involved with SF schedule planning and coordinating of the SF sessions ie. lession plans, planning of session objectives and liaising with the session presenters and SF Coordinator. The Resident Representatives provide input and liaise with SF committee members regarding the organizational structure, functionality, educational objectives and content of SF.  Resident Representatives act as liaison between the SF Committee and the residents of Surgical Foundations, and as liasion between SF and the corresponding program director.

PGY2s fill the positions of President and Vice President within the Resident Representative group.  The PGY1 Representative is elected in Sep of each academic year.  The PGY1 Rep is nominated after the start of the new academic year to give residents from July to Sep to get to know their peers and who they may like to represent them.  PGY1s and PGY2 are eligible to nominate and vote for the PGY1 Rep.

Resident Representatives are approachable, want their colleagues’ input, and have the authority to change the curriculum to the benefit of the residents with relatively short notice. Since the curriculum is dynamic, it is fully expected that residents freely voice any suggestions and dissatisfactions so that the curriculum can be improved as soon as possible. Surgical Foundations residents’ ideas, critique and candour are invited and welcomed. The Resident Representatives are available to serve and help.

SF residents are invited to and may attend meetings of the RRG on request.  The President of the RRG sits on the Residency Education Committee of the Department of Surgery.  The Vice President fills this role when the President is unavailable.

Many thanks to the 2017/2018 SF Resident Representatives who will be helping run the curriculum over the next year and to all residents recruited to assist in this undertaking.  Thanks too to SF Coordinator, Jane Klie, who works tirelessly to ensure that every session and event in Surgical Foundations is as good as it can be.

SF Election & Voting Policy

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