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MacSports Has Strong Showing at the ISHA 2017 Meeting

Dr. Olufemi Ayeni and Dr. Ryan Coughlin (fellow) represented MacSports at the 2017 ISHA conference in Santiago Chile. The strong presence was highlighted through their instructional course lectures, presentations and posters.


2017 ISHA meeting in Santiago, Chile Meeting website: 
Program website: 

Below is a list of all of the abstracts that were accepted and presented at the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA)

Instructional course lecture: Focus on Clinical Examination in the Young Adult Hip Joint - So What's the evidence? - Dr. Ayeni

Dr. Naoki Nakano, Dr. Chetan Gohal, Mr. Andrew Duong, Dr. Natalie Kuurstra, Dr. Femi Ayeni, Mr. Vikas Khanduja - Cartilage repair techniques for the chondral injury in the hip - Systematic review

Dr. Oduwole Kayode, Dr. Darren de SA, Dr. Jeff Kay, Dr. Fawaz Findakli, Mr. Andrew Duong, Miss Nicole Simunovic, Dr. YiMeng Yen, Dr. Olufemi Ayeni - Surgical treatment of femoroacetabular impingement following slipped capital femoral epiphysis: a systematic review

Dr. Chloe Haldane, Dr. Seper Ekhtiari, Dr. Darren de SA, Miss Nicole Simunovic, Dr. Marc Safran, Dr. Fillippo Randelli, Mr. Andrew Duong, Prof. Forrough Farrokhyar, Dr. Olufemi Ayeni - Venous Thromboembolism Events Following Hip Arthroscopy: A Systematic Review

Dr. Jeff Kay, Mr. Muzammil Memon, Dr. VZ Zou, Miss Nicole Simunovic, Dr. Olufemi Ayeni - The Utility of Biomarkers in Femoroacetabular Impingement: A Systematic Review

Dr. Jeff Kay, Dr. Darren de SA, Miss Laura Morrison, Miss Emily Fejtek, Miss Nicole Simunovic, Dr. Hal D. Martin, Dr. Olufemi Ayeni - Surgical Management of Deep Gluteal Syndrome: A Systematic Review

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