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Research Module 2.0 — Health & Safety

This module identifies health and safety training required specifically for research staff in the department. There is basic training required for all staff, and some research staff may require more specialized training depending on your duties. If you have questions regarding what health and safety training your position requires, please contact either Terrie Harvie at x33722 or Zulianna Ibrahim at x44167.

2.1 Training Documentation Record Sheet

Many of these health and safety training requirements must be updated annually, and it is crucial for all employees to keep an accurate record of the training they have completed to date. Please choose the appropriate form for your position; download, print and keep an updated copy with your other human resource documents. 

2.2 Required Safety Training for Research Office & Lab Staff

All new research staff must complete the following Health and Safety training when they start:

  • Office WHMIS (see exception below) 
  • Fit for N95 mask
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Ergonomics
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Emergency Code Awareness

[Click here for detail on Office Safety Training]

If you will be working in a lab,you must complete all needed Laboratory Safety Training, including:

  • Lab WHMIS — this supersedes Office WHMIS
  • Biosafety Training — if working with cells, tissue culture, viruses, bacteria or bio-source toxins. This is specific for the Biosafety Level (BSL 1, 2 or 3) of the laboratory.
  • Common Lab Hazards

[Click here for details on Laboratory Safety Training]

If your position requires that you handle radioisotopes, you will require extra training, including:

  • Radiation Safety Training, and
  • Radioisotopes Training

This training is done through Health Physics. Information and dates can be found Health Physics website.

Those staff members who will be working with animals (and therefore in a lab) will also have to complete the CAF's training requirements. More information about the CAF can be found in Module 4.0 — Ethics in Research.

Further Health and Safety training may be required at any time during your employment with the Department of Surgery, for example, if you are involved in a project that requires you to to be present in an operating room. Contact Catherine Gill Pottruff at x 35287 if this occurs.

2.3 McMaster University Required Training

The University requires all employees to complete two sets of training, in Violence and Harrassment Prevention in the Workplace and Accessibility. Both sets can be done on line here:

You will need either your Mac ID or your Mac Student ID to login and complete them.

2.4 Training Schedules

Much of the Health and Safety training can be done on line, however there are certain types that must be completed in person. Some you must register for, others you can just show up at. All information and dates are posted on the FHS Safety Office webpage.

2.5 What if I have questions about Health and Safety issues?

If you have questions, please speak to your representative on the Joint Health and Safety Committee at your site or contact the FHS Safety Office. Their webpage, with all of the above information and more, as well as contacts, is here: FHS Safety Office.


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