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Research Module 3.0 — Office of Surgical Research Services

Contact details for the Department's Office of Surgical Research Services are provided in this module, as well as information about its organization. You will also find contact information for other Research Staff in the Department and details of our regular Research Staff Meetings.

3.1 Office of Surgical Research Services (OSRS)

The Office of Surgical Research Services came into existance in 2008 in response to our surgeons' request for more assistance with their research programs. OSRS is headed by our Associate Chair of Research, and consists of support staff experienced in research methodology, biostatistics and data analysis, research administration and research finance. Our aim is to support our Faculty, especially those without research staff of their own, and Residents, and improve the quality of research being performed in our Department. You can contact our team at any time if you have questions or need specific information. Our contact information can be found here: 

Office of Surgical Research Services (OSRS) Contacts

3.2 Research Staff Contactsand Meetings

There are varying numbers of Research Coordinators and Assistants working in the Department of Surgery. We work on a wide variety of projects using many different methodologies, but many of the challenges we come across are similar. Don't hesitate to call on your colleagues if you need advice or have a research issue to work out; someone else has probably already run across the very same issue. Since the research staff are located in all four hospital sites, we meet three times a year in person to provide updates and networking opportunities, as well has having our own Annual Research Staff Academic Half Day, usually in January, to provide some continuing education. 

Research Staff Contacts

3.3 Community Research Information

Generally, all Research Staff should be meeting research study participants in public locations, whether in the hospitals, a research office or your surgeon's office. Occasionally it may be necessary to meet with someone at another location. For your safety and security, you should leave the details of the meeting with someone before you go to the meeting. Attached is a summary of information concerning all McMaster researchers working within the Hamilton community, including a blank “Information Sheet for Home/Community Contact with Study Participants."

Community Research Plan

3.4 Divisional & Departmental Research Days

Every year the Department organizes Residents' Research Days for each program within Surgery, along with an Annual Residents' Research Conference, to which all Research Staff are invited.



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