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Research Module 7.0 — Research Finance

This module discusses common information all research staff should understand regarding funds for research projects, and how to apply for accounts, etc for funding held in the Department of Surgery in a McMaster account.

7.1 Research Finance Notes

Here are some general notes regarding research money:

Research Money Notes

The Tri-Council Agencies (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRCC) periodically audit all institutions holding this type of funding. Research Finance has put in place a large number of controls on Mcmaster-held funding since the last audit. They have provided an information document outlining the responsibilities of each partner in the grant - agency, institution and researcher - as well as an overview of eligible and ineligible expenses for grants to these agencies. It is expected that smaller agencies will be following the Tri-Council in this.

Research Finance TriCouncil Funding Information

7.2 Health Research Services

Health Research Services assists with funding for researchers within the Faculty of Health Sciences as a whole, including the Department of Surgery. See the Orientation to Health Research Services document for information to better understand their role in relation to researchers within Surgery. For more general information and contacts, please go to:

Health Research Services

7.3 Agreements Information

Health Research Services requires all researchers working with an investigator at another institution on a project to complete an agreement, even if no money is involved in the collaboration. For more details, please read this document:

Research Agreements within FHS for McMaster

7.4 Requesting a Departmental Signature on a Grant Application

The Department of Surgery has a process for obtaining a departmental signature on a grant or REB application, at the request of the Chair of the Department, Dr. Susan Reid. This new process provides us the opportunity for internal review of the application, in order to ensure grant applications going out from our Department are of high quality, appropriately budgeted and hopefully successful. In order to request a signature from:

  • Dr. Susan Reid, Chair, Department of Surgery
  • Dr. Kesh Reddy, Acting HHS Chief of Surgery
  • Dr. Anthony Adili, SJH Chief of Surgery
  • Dr Helene Flageole, Chief of Paediatric Surgery 
  • Dr Keith Mann, Chief of Ophthalmology
  • Cathy Turner, Director of Administration 

Please email all documents pertaining to the application to Leigh Mahan ( for review. We aim to review and reply in 24-48 hours. 

7.5 Health Research Services Checklist / Account Request Form

Health Research Services (HRS) has a form for any grant application requiring a University signature or to open an account for any successful grant held within the Faculty of Health Sciences. It can be downloaded from their webpage along with a number of other useful administrative forms. Please note that when submitting a grant application for a University Signature, you must have the original signatures of the PI and the Chair on the HRS Checklist. 

This version of the HRS checklist has the information required for Department of Surgery accounts:

Health Research Services Checklist

7.6 Research Document Storage

As mentioned earlier, research documents must be stored for 10 to 25 years once the study is closed. These should be stored somewhere secure, safe from fire or flood and accessible if required. Various companies provide this service in the Hamilton region; for further information contact Zulianna Ibrahim in the Office of Surgical Research Services. It should be mentioned that when creating a study budget for a grant application, document storage should be included as a line item. Electronic storage of research documentation has its own issues, as technology changes rapidly.


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